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It's time to grow your business. Let us recruit and manage the top 5% of talent in Cebu City using our proven strategies.

Shopping around for the best price?

Our business model is straight forward. We offer what high end call centers are offering with a medium price tag. It's the best place to be when outsourcing.

We have the same facilities and location of top BPO companies like Convergys or Accenture. However, instead of charging $13-15 per hour, we are only charging $10 USD for personal assistant services. We also have similar models for telemarketing and avatar services. 

Do not make the mistake of trying to get the cheapest possible price! You will get low quality work, choppy internet, flood zones (missed work) and high turnover.  Outsourcing has been given a bad name for this reason.

If you hire high quality talent, you will have a team member that will stay with you for years and become a pivotal part of your business, all at a very reasonable price. It's the happy medium.

* includes pricing, terms and conditions, office specs, etc. No phone call required. 

Some quick facts about our personal assistant services

  • Available weekly for part time (20 hours) or full time (40 hours). Hourly rate is $10 USD  / $13 AUD per hour with a one-month deposit and only a 30-day warning to terminate services. No complicated contracts.  Simple.
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    We are an American run call center with 6+ years experience. We have recruited and trained hundred of agents. 
  • Our services are extremely transparent. Daily bio-metric fingerprint logins at work. A client portal is also provided which provides screenshots of work activity every ten minutes and reports of all programs used, websites visited, etc.
  • Human resources and 24/7 IT staff on-site 
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    Our office is located in the #1 top area in the central Philippines for employee retention and talent. We are literally right above Ayala Center Cebu Mall and just beside the main public transportation hub Your employees will be proud to work in this area. 
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    Rise 175Mbps FIBER Internet. The best internet in the Philippines (we invite you to do any Speed Tests or trace routes). 24/7 Backup generators. 
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    Air conditioning. Building security guards, professional cleaning by a licensed custodian service, on facility pantry with full amenities and on-floor concessionaire. 24/7 building access. Sound dampening walls.

* No sales call required. Includes pricing, terms and conditions, office specs, etc.

our recruitment and management process

The main purpose of hiring a BPO center is for recruitment and ongoing management of talent. We have perfected this process through experience with hundreds of agents. 

As a client, you will have a stress free on-boarding experience.

To begin, we will advertise and interview many candidates on your behalf. When we have selected the top 3 candidates, we will then schedule them for interviews with yourself via video chat or phone.

After a successful candidate has been chosen, we will closely monitor them with you, especially for the first 30 days. If a virtual assistant can make it past the first 30 days, then we know we have a winner.

However, if you are not satisfied with your personal assistant in this initial period due to work related issues, we can let them go and start the process over to find you the ideal candidate.  It usually doesn't happen but when it does, no worries. It is our goal as well to find someone that you can work well with in the long run. 

Having a professional workplace increases increases productivity. Your personal assistant will be required to log in  to work everyday with their fingerprints (including breaks). For added transparency our IT systems also take screenshots of your VA every ten minutes which you can see in a client portal. A  warning after 10 minutes on no activity will also be given to agents  (which also pauses any billing time to you until clicked). We also have in-house human resources and 24/7 IT staff onsite.

Full medical services, holidays and other benefits will also be provided to your personal assistant, increasing agent well being and retention rates.

Popular virtual assistant tasks include

  • Executive Assistant
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Answering Phone Calls 
  • Event Management
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Support
  • Travel Coordinator
  • And many more…
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