​Avatar Telemarketing: If you could use only one voice on your sales floor, would you? Ursula, an untold story.

Persona Pitch Voice Cloning

Ursula has a long history of trying to steal voices. She’s obsessed. While this Diva yearns to win Atlantica’s got talent, as we all know, villains don’t get happy endings.

Let me tell you the tale of Ursula and the Merefolk of Atlantica...  

Aquata, Ariels sister, was the sales manager for a team of one hundred starfish. Unfortunately, they were not sales stars at all. They were lazy little starfish. The final quarter was approaching and targets were falling through the seafloor! Aquata was trying her best to manage the team but she just couldn’t seem to get any traction going.

Then one day, there was a loud octo-thump on the door. Thump Bang Pow! 

Ursula: “ Hello Dear. I have heard of the troubles you have been having, oh what a shame! Do you need a tentacle? I can make you a deal my dear, sweet child, that's what I do,It's what I live for,to help unfortunate merfolk like yourself.

That starfish Aura’s voice, it’s divine. What if I gave it to all the other starfish to use while on the seafloor ? Oh, but there’s a catch… You’ll have 3 days, and at the end of the third day, if you don’t reach 300 sales by the time the third sun sets…. Now it’s happened once or twice, someone couldn’t pay the price... I will take that beautiful voice and all your beloved merefolk will become my polyps, forever, bwahahaha. Do we have a deal?”


Aquata knew that the top sales rep Aura was doing 3x more sales than the average starfish so she risked the peril of her sales floor and took the deal...

Thankfully it all worked out and Ursula did not turn any of the staff into polyps either. However, the merefolk resources department was horrified for staff safety violations and gave Aquata a red slip. The End.


Now let me ask you this dear reader. If you could clone your best telemarketer and give their voice to all your other agents, would you do it?


But how would that even work? Let me explain to you my dear sweet child… Thankfully there are no poor unfortunate souls in my tale, and I’m not going to use any witchcraft either.

It’s a technology called human assisted soundboard technology. Commonly known in the call center industry as a non voice campaign, Persona Pitch™ or  Avatar, this technology is far more common than most think, and with good reason.

You have probably already spoken with an Avatar or two before without being aware!  

The Technology

Scenario: ABC Energy  is calling prospective clients to switch to a better energy provider. Current cost per agent in Australia with overhead is roughly $40 per hour per agent. This company wishes to outsource but they want to do it without the Indian or Filipino accent as these campaigns have not been a success in the past. They are interested in setting up a Person Pitch / Avatar campaign as it costs only $10 per hour all inclusive and it uses the voice of their top agent(s).   

Qualification: Because ABC Energy has a scripted calling environment, they qualify to use human assisted soundboard technology. Persona Pitch is only good for scripted calling environments where most of the rebuttals and responses can be pre-determined (although the script architecture continually evolves, more on that later).  

Solution: A team of professional script architectures will analyze the scripts, rebuttals and other materials from the sales floor, along with recordings of phone calls made to previous prospects and/or clients. From the material gathered, the team will design a complex script architecture framework. The script architecture is essentially a spreadsheet which outlines every single “recording” that will be uploaded into the software so that it can be played back during a live call.


There are short, medium and long recordings, as well as natural hot key recordings. There are even different versions of the same recording if an agent is interrupted so they can start half way and communicate the same message. The system is very advanced.

Hot keys are also used for natural language flow. For example, the letter 'k' on a keyboard is usually a hot key for 'OK'. The agent can sound natural during a conversation by typing it 1-5 times, and depending on the sequence pressed, every-time it will playback a different recording like “mmm huhh, yeah ok, uhh huhhh, ohhhh ok, yep sure.”

Persona Pitch is the best avatar software because it allows agents to memorize keyed responses (101 , 207 ,108, etc). This offers for quick response time. 

Less advanced Avatar systems, like avataroutsourcing. com, straightsource. com and the original Avatar software use mouse clicks on a graphical user interface, slowing down response times. You can compare the technologies to a cashier scanning the picture of a tomato in a book or typing the number in the register. 

After the script architecture is complete, these voice recordings are then recorded, by voice talent or a call centers top agent(s) and then uploaded into the Persona Pitch system.

It is highly advisable to use the best agent if possible that is actually calling on a live campaign. Think of it like telling a joke, voice talent can read a script, but to make something funny, it is all about delivery. Persona Pitch is all about cloning the best agent, so if you have them, use them!

The script architecture team will then test the system with real calls and tweak the system for launch. During the initial start of a campaign, a small team (500 hours per month) will usually start and also flag calls where issues arise. These calls will then be listened too by the sales manager and script architect team and the system will be further tweaked to perfection. Once this stage is hit and proven, most companies will usually scale to large operations, some calling as much as 1+ million auto dial calls per day.

Avatar technology is not only used for sales. It is also very popular as an alternative to voice broadcasting (robo calling), as it can call a massive amount of people while at the same time sounding like a real human being with intelligent responses for a fraction of the cost. It is very popular with Political Action Committee (PAC) campaigns for this reason. It is also very popular for customer service, live transfers, appointment setting, charities and any other scripted calling environments that can be replicated. 


Sales Environment Divergence: Active listening and Video Game Skills

The sales dynamic dramatically changes from an environment where salespeople focus on the next best thing to say to instead, focusing on actively listening to customers and the best pre-determined keypad response to press (101 or 204).

For the agents, it is like playing a musical instrument; It takes a bit of time to learn but once they know, it is natural to key in the best responses for a call that sounds like a genuine conversation.

Surprisingly, agents that are shy, many times emerge into some of the best salespeople on the floor. Active listening and video game skills are what matter most.

Furthermore, agents are not offended when their avatar is rejected. Turnover is reduced by 400% on most sales floors.

It’s a new exciting call center environment with different rules and it’s no wonder why because it is infusing technology with humans! 

For more information on starting a Persona Pitch ™ campaign, please contact Jesse Ellis on http://personapitch.com/#contactus or email  hello@personapitch.com.

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Jesse Ellis is an business process outsourcing specialist. As a BPO consultant and script architect, Jesse helps companies set up telemarketing campaigns both in-house and overseas.

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