We HAVE your live transfers covered.
Focus your time on your sales closers instead.

Persona Pitch™ generates qualified live transfers for a fraction of the cost, while at the same time eliminating foreign accent to build consumer confidence. It's like outsourcing without the accent! 

​Get your closers ready.

Live transfers will be flowing through your pipeline.

Persona Pitch™ Avatar software takes traditional live transfer telemarketing campaigns and transforms agent performance to unprecedented levels. By cloning your best agent(s) and importing them into our software, we are able to make calls that sound as if they were made by your best agent, on their best day, every single call!

Persona Pitch™ never suffers from a monotone or idle voice. Your live transfers will be sent over with the impression they get from your top agent, every single transfer. 

Tweak your customized Persona Pitch system to perfection

Persona Pitch™ will be a customized system that is built for your campaign. During the initial launch of your campaign, agents will flag calls where they run into troubles; this will allow our script architecture team to continually tweak the system to perfection. The system is continually being tweaked until it is perfect. Once the system is perfect, scaling up is easy.

Start small and scale big

Most clients start with 500 hours per month and once the system is perfected, they scale to however many hours they wish to hit their live transfer demands. Persona Pitch™ can generate hundreds or even thousands of live transfers per month depending on your needs.

Your customized Persona Pitch™ system will be easy to scale up or down and can be increased or decreased in 250-hour segments per month.

Recruitment is a lot easier as well; Persona Pitch™ agents do not get offended when their avatar is rejected, leading to a 400% increase in retention rates. Scaling couldn’t be easier.

Popular Live Transfer Campaigns Include

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Solar
  • Holiday Ownership Tours (OPC)
  • Fly Buys
  • Insurance
  • Credit Repair / Debt
  • Mortgages and Financial Products
  • And many more…
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