Persona Pitch™ has been used to make 1+ million calls per day for charity TELEFUNDRAISING.

We have pledges down to a science, let us prove it to you.

Sure, every charity will have different material, but most of the responses, rebuttals and the science behind pledge generation are the same.

And let’s face it, telefundraising is boring. With Persona Pitch™, every call will sound as if it was made by your centers best agent, on their best day, every single call. No more monotone sounding calls!

We have been generating pledges for over 6 years and have an extremely advanced Persona Pitch™ system ready to go for your next charity campaign.

Setting up a Persona Pitch™ campaign couldn’t be easier for pledge generation; We will customize your campaign and implement it with our proven pledge generation techniques.

And with all of the money you will save, your donations will go towards what really matters, your cause!

Imagine what a difference a 50-75% reduction in costs would accomplish.

With Persona Pitch™, you only have to worry about paying a low hourly rate with the same, if not better results for your telefundraising campaign. Your charity will no longer have to worry about expensive staff wages, office expenses, utilities, recruitment, insurance and more. 

* Calls have been edited and have blank pauses for privacy purposes

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