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How Avatar Software Turns Active Listening Into a Priority.

For those of us that have worked in sales, we’ve heard it a hundred times. “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason, use them accordingly!.”  I can still hear my sales manager yelling it across the floor. Yet it’s a very well known fact that most salespeople do not listen properly, investing […]

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​Avatar Telemarketing: If you could use only one voice on your sales floor, would you? Ursula, an untold story.

Ursula has a long history of trying to steal voices. She’s obsessed. While this Diva yearns to win Atlantica’s got talent, as we all know, villains don’t get happy endings.  Let me tell you the tale of Ursula and the Merefolk of Atlantica…    Aquata, Ariels sister, was the sales manager for a team of one hundred starfish. […]

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