case study: Vendor PERFORMANCE report

Persona Pitch™ outperformed 54 marketing vendors from the USA, India and the Philippines for one of the largest hotel groups in the world (Trendwest / Wyndham Vacation Resorts). 

First Impressions Count

This is a powerful case study that shows 55 marketing vendors competing in a yearly and monthly vendor performance report. Competing vendors were prospecting consumers and booking them into a 90 minutes sales presentation in exchange for a 3 day 2 night trip to Anaheim, Las Vegas, Reno, or San Diego which included hotel and airfare for 2 adults. 

The charts used will show the top ten vendors and the most relevant data. However, at the bottom of this case study, please refer to the data tables as well as the scanned copies of the archived files used for this case study for further analysis.   

Furthermore, Persona Pitch was used by Trendwest from 2006-2008 but was purchased by Wyndham Vacation Resorts. After the acquisition, we have no more data that we are allowed to show for this case study.  

Out of 54 competitors, Persona Pitch was the only vendor using human assisted soundboard technology. 

2006: Top Ten Tours and Sales

For the year 2006, Persona Pitch generated 5790 appointments which resulted in the highest level of sales (611). In second place, Trendwest operated, Seven Summits Marketing was able to generate 6484 tours but only resulted in 548 sales.

Important Notice: While Persona Pitch was the #1 marketing vendor, 2006 was only  the "Beta Stage" for this campaign.

Persona Pitch has improved performance over time as the software is adapted from agent input / script architects (shown in 2008 graphs). 

First Impressions Effect The Bottom Line

Persona Pitch generated tours have higher consumer confidence. Persona Pitch is used for call centers in India and the Philippines to eliminate foreign accent. However, it is also used in call centers in the USA to increase the quality of every phone call. Local call centers are not immune to inadequate sales or customer service agents. This is the reason why Persona Pitch outperformed all the vendors in this case study. 

Our technology makes calls that sound as if they were made by your best agent, on their best day, every single call. Calls that represent your branding and give the best tone and enthusiasm, on every single call!


2006: Tour to Sales Percentage

In this case study, there are 3 core marketing centers that Trendwest owned and operated (Ares, Seven Summits & Mount Olympus). These 3 core marketing centers were also given better leads than any other marketing vendor (warm leads from internal marketing).

Unforeseen by Trendwest, Persona Pitch was able to outperform all the other marketing vendors using a cold calling telemarketing strategy. One can only imagine the increase in numbers if Persona Pitch was used with these warm leads.

Furthermore, as seen from the picture above, Persona Pitch was also able to outperform these core centers in the tour to sales ratio. 

Handwriting from the marketing director of Trendwest Resorts pointing out that Persona Pitch was able to outperform their 3 core internal marketing centers.

2006: Sales Volume

Evolution: Script Architecture Enhancement

In 2006, a Beta / Trial  Persona Pitch campaign was launched for Trendwest. Even while in Beta stage, it was still the #1 performing solution out of 55 marketing vendors.

Persona Pitch continually improves over time. During a call, an agent has the ability to flag a call if the Persona Pitch system is not able to answer a question or deal with a rebuttal (agents can also go live when this happens).

The script architectures will then analyze this call to find out what went wrong. They will then suggest new recordings or hot keys to be added to the system.

The result is a system that is continually becoming more efficient and effective over time.

It is why a lot of companies start with a 500 hour per month campaign and then scale to 5000+ hours per month once the system is perfected.

Let's Take a Look at The Evolved System in 2008...


Tours in March 2008 were 861 compared to a monthly average of 482 in the year 2006. This is almost a 200% increase in tour volume.  


Tours to sales ratio remains roughly the same in 2006 and 2008.  

March 2008: Sales volume

Sales volume in March 2008 was $1.16 Million compared to a monthly average in 2006 of $515,000 . This represents a 200% increase in sales volume. 

Sales Script, Data tables & Archives

Trendwest Fly Buys ​Script (Hybrid)  

Hello is                there?

Hi, this is (Tyler/Amy) with Trendwest Resorts. We are calling about the entry form that was filled out in a drawing for a car or 50,000. I'm showing on your entry form that you are at least 21 or older, and have a combined household income of $35,000 or more a year, is that correct?

Well I have some good news. We have a great gift down here waiting for you. It’s a 3-day 2-night trip to Anaheim, Las Vegas, Reno, or San Diego. And this includes your hotel and your airfare for 2 adults, so congratulations.

The only advertising, we do is word of mouth so all we ask from you, is to simply come to our show room to pick up your trip & we will just tell u a little bit about our company. You don’t need to buy or sign up for anything. The only thing you have to pay is the taxes, which is required by state law, but you don’t have to pay those till you actually take your trip. And you have an entire year to use your trip.

Now we’re located right off I-15 in South Jordan, if you grab a pen & paper, I'll quickly give you those directions, Okay.


Okay, we need to set up a time for you to come claim your gifts. We actually have an opening (Tonight/Tomorrow), how would that work for you?

We do have one (4pm, 6pm, or 8pm) appointment still available. Would that work for you?

Perfect, I am getting everything set up for you in the computer. Let me tell you what to expect when you come in to our showroom to claim your gifts. Check-in at the front desk with ID, we will have refreshments, etc., shortly after check-in will we have a video of all of our Resorts and have your personal rep introduce you to Trendwest and all of our vacationing opportunities we offer.  All in I would plan on about 90 minutes.

Now, are you married or single?

Married: And does that time work for your spouse as well? Yes: Great, we do require that both you and your spouse attend the presentation and no children under 12.

Single: OK, well you are more than welcome to bring a guest, or you can come by yourself, it’s up to you. We just ask that you don’t bring any children under the age of 12. I will just go ahead and reserve 2 seats for you just in case.

Now I will send an email that gives you your gift details in writing and will also contain a map and directions. What is the best email address to send that to?

And we do like to get a second number just in case we need to reach you, like a cell or work number. Alright, everything looks to be in order with your gift package.  I will shoot this information over to our Gift Coordinator who will be calling you within the next 10 minutes to finalize your gift package in the computer and give you your Gift Confirmation #.  Do you have any questions?

Perfect, expect the Gift Coordinator Call in a few minutes and again Congratulations on your trip! Thanks, ba-bye!

2006 Vendor Performance Report  

Vendor SiteToursFD SalesTour to Sales %Sales Volume
Seven Summits Marketing64845488.50%6160394
Persona Pitch579061110.60%6683800
Ares Marketing48833747.70%3979140
OGDCN Referral Marketing279533512%3626438
JNOM DRAPER267731211.70%3291310
Mount Olympus Marketing Midvale25281927.60%2007605
CMP Marketing2,491.002369.50%2,550,839.00
Broomfield Referral Marketing2,420.0029312.10%3,060,255.00
Trendwest Walk INS2,14221910.20%2,326,050
Draper Referral Marketing2,12928613.40%3,134,079
DGH Boise2,1171125.30%1,198,410
MTN0 Marketing1,2801169.10%1,264,450
DGH Marketing1,17911910.10%1,154,020
Boise Referral Marketing1,14818115.80%2,090,290
Prepared Communications1,118827.30%908,010
Englewood Referral Marketing922667.20%696,750
Idaho Falls Referral Marketing75612516.50%1,331,570
SCA Gateway Marketing Escondido562315.50%392,585
IH Sales and Marketing503458.90%392,950
Bear Lake Referral Marketing452204.40%315,570
Resort Concierge4005213.00%599,280
Conversion Experience3349428.10%901,808
Axis Marketing0College334175.10%210,660
Robyn Roman Marketing300248%249,820
VRP Holdings1992010.10%232,860
Vistoso Referral Marketing1932211.40%216,120
International Recreation1872312.30%230,170
Stewart Marketing1802312.80%252,380
Avalon Marketing17963.40%70,800
Titanium Tours Marketing1161210.30%154,170
Titan MArketing9366.50%87,960
MTNO Star9166.60%80,220
Explorer Department893539.30%128,561
Star Inc8866.80%80,220
Ask Shawn Tours642843.80%417,360
Axis Marketing0Boise6234.80%38,340
Premier Marketing5511.80%14,160
Axis Marketing0First Street4848.30%62,640
Intel Marketing Solution32515.60%63,000
Onsite Referral Marketing3128.50%25,200
Mountainland Marketing2000%0
NWR Explorer10220%27,540
NCA Trend Tel Marketing900%0
NCA0 Explorer8225.00%28,320
SCA Explorer Program5240%21,060
MMR0 Rainmaker4125%14,160
Ross Marketing4125%10,620
MTN0 Direct Marketing300%0
Albuquenque Referral MArketing200%0
JNOM PROVO2150%10,440
Tower Information24200%20,520
NCA Jnom Sacramento2150.20%12,390
Global Enterprises010%10,080
Road Shows & Dinner Program010%13,600

March 2008 Vendor Performance Report  

VendorToursFD SalesTour to Sales %Sales Volume
Persona Pitch8618810.30%1,166,700.00
CBB DRAPER669548.10%711,500.00
Bayside Marketing504367.10%485,500.00
Trendwest - Walk Ins2703813.30%471,360.00
MTN0 Marketing417358.40%455,150.00
Thon Marketing474326.80%434,980.00
SNS Marketing382287.60%322,800.00
VRP Holding2882910.10%382,460.00
DGH Home673223.30%250,140.00
Coupon Canyon Marketing106178.10%235,300.00
Stewart Marketing228177.40%224,760.00
Invision Marketing228125%181,320.00
Perfect Marketing146117.40%144,500.00
MTN0 Walk Ins141117.80%142,020.00
Momentous Marketing15088%118,500.00
Insight Solution8288%91,800.00
Star Inc.020%40,400.00
SCA Dream West5360%40,080.00
Edge Teleservices8222%30,400.00
Avalon Marketing6822%24,340.00
Enterprise Marketing7228.60%24,340.00
Coral Marketing020%22,060.00
MMR Prepared Communication8112.50%11,400.00
SCA Prolvus010%11,040.00
Creative Marketing Solution010%11,040.00
Advantage Marketing010%11,040.00
Excell Marketing010%11,040.00
SCA0DGH Nampa 2000%0
MMK Casablanca100%0
Cache Marketing Alliance1800%0
Emonji Marketing000%0
Prepared Communication700%0
International Recreation200%0
International Marketing USA1100%0
Mountainland Marketing200%0
Star Inc.040%8,900.00
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