How Avatar Software Turns Active Listening Into a Priority.

For those of us that have worked in sales, we’ve heard it a hundred times. “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason, use them accordingly!.” 

I can still hear my sales manager yelling it across the floor. Yet it’s a very well known fact that most salespeople do not listen properly, investing their time for conjuring a clever response instead.   

Avatar: Turning Active Listening Into a Natural Bias

Too often, salespeople are waiting for their turn to talk or thinking about what to say next, instead of truly listening to a prospect. They spend resources calculating the perfect thing to say next, rather than listening and then responding attentively.

With Persona Pitch™, prerecorded messages are uploaded into a software that allows a human agent to respond to a customer by using their keyboard.

As it is used on scripted calling environments, 95% of the responses are pre-programmed into the software, freeing agent mind-share and turning the sales environment into a listen first, respond later environment.

For avatar agents, speaking with the system is as natural as playing a video game or playing a musical instrument. The system is also continually evolving as agents can flag calls where they run into problems and script architectures will update the system / prerecorded messages.

Surprisingly, many times shy agents will turn into some of the best avatar agents. Top sales talent becomes easier to source. Furthermore, avatar agents do not get offended when their avatar is rejected (turnover is decreased by 400% on any given campaign).  

Persona Pitch agents do not have to think of what to say next, it is already programmed for them. Their natural bias turns to listening to the prospect so that they can press the correct key sequence to respond (hot keys, content or conversation keys). 

​​Are You Really Listening or Just Waiting to Talk ?

Research shows that only about 10 percent of us listen effectively. It’s such a problem, security departments in government and business sectors devote significant amounts of training in this area. For the security officer and supervisor, an essential element in improving communication within the security force is to incorporate active listening into the daily management of security officers. Unfortunately, effective listening is a skill that most people do not come by naturally.  

If not distracted by technology, our internal thoughts can easily keep us from listening to the other person, and when we do engage in conversation, many times we are not listening to understand but rather for our turn to reply and be heard.

As a sales manager myself, I remember giving a motivational morning sales meeting to a group of 30+ agents. I randomly dropped in a phrase about elephants being purple and then asked the team if elephants were in fact purple. Everyone shook their heads at me, as if to say yes. I normally do this as part of my training when I can tell that I have ‘lost’ the attention of a group. It’s very natural for people’s minds to wander. 

In Every Weakness Comes Opportunity

The acute salesperson can take advantage of this human weakness. For those of us that have worked on cold calling campaigns, one of the goals of such a call will be to get the prospect talking and then continue to ask them questions in such a way that the prospect will sell to themselves. People love to talk about themselves.

Selling is the most advanced form of communication and the foundation of successful sales is based on how well one actually listens. Ineffective listening can easily damage relationships and destroy trust that you may have had with clients. The price of poor listening skills will result in many lost sales opportunities.  

In summary, with avatar calling, the sales dynamic dramatically changes from an environment where salespeople focus on the next best thing to say to instead, focusing on actively listening to customers and the best predetermined keypad response to press (101 or 204).

Active listening and video game skills are what matter most to be a successful avatar agent.  

About the Author Jesse Ellis

Jesse Ellis is an business process outsourcing specialist. As a BPO consultant and script architect, Jesse helps companies set up telemarketing campaigns both in-house and overseas.

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