Persona Pitch™ is superior at GENerating appointments, period.

Persona Pitch™ outperformed 54 marketing vendors from the USA, India and the Philippines for one of the largest hotel groups in the world (Trendwest / Wyndham Vacation Resorts).

Number’s don’t lie. Check out the Case Study 

​Appointments made with the best techniques.

We reverse engineer your current campaign and import the finest rebuttals, objection handling, closing and negotiating techniques into a software system and pair it with the voice of your best agent(s) so calls sound as if they were made by your best agent, on their best day, every single call!

Persona Pitch™ never suffers from a monotone or a lazy sounding sales pitch. 

Rather than focusing on speaking, your avatar agents will focus on active listening and giving the best response with the Persona Pitch™ system.

This truly changes the dynamic of the call, leading to an active listening first and response later approach.Appointment setting has been proven to be much more effective in a sales environment where active listening becomes a natural bias for the sales agent. 

This is the reason why Persona Pitch™ has been proven to be superior to traditional telemarketing campaigns for making appointments. 

Popular Appointment Campaigns Include

  • Solar Panel
  • Refinance / Mortgages
  • Investment / Negative Gearing
  • Fly Buys / Timeshare
  • Education
  • Seminars
  • Janitorial & Cleaning
  • and many more …
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