Get Ready to Evolve your Telemarketing Operations.

Persona Pitch™ avatar software blends the precision of technology with human agents.

Telemarketing Excellence

Persona Pitch™ avatar software uses many prerecorded messages from your top reps and our trained agents use their keyboards to playback recordings for calls that sound as if they were made by your best agent, on their best day, every single call!  

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Better Performance 

Persona Pitch agents perform better than human only agents for a fraction of the cost. It's like outsourcing without the accent!

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Agents do not get burnt
out when their Avatar is rejected. This results in 400% higher retention rates

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$5-10 per hour all inclusive. Only pay for actual time dialed, increasing efficiencies and providing full transparency.

Popular Avatar Marketing Campaigns

  • Charity Fundraising
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Service
  • Appointment Setting
  • Merchant Cash Advance 
  • Political Outreach (PAC)
  • Live Call Transfers
  • Membership Renewals

Live Call Examples

* Calls have been edited and have blank pauses for privacy purposes

Case Study

Trendwest Resorts (now Wyndham Vacation Resorts),  made 5790 tours using Persona Pitch in one year. Below is a case study that shows how Persona Pitch competed against 54 other call centers from USA, India and the Philippines and was the #1 performing call center for one of the largest hotel groups in the world. 

What is avatar technology ?

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We start by asking a simple question: What does your perfect call sound like? Together with your team, our experts will answer questions like:

What type of voice best represents your brand? How enthusiastic should it be? How authoritative? What feelings do you want to convey?

Translating Your Script for TopDial

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Next, our expert script architects take over. They begin with your best-performing voice script. They listen to your calls across a spectrum of performance from your voice agents. They gather input from your team on the critical messages you want to deliver. Using all of these elements, our architects build out your script, including the main pathway, answers to all commonly asked questions, rebuttals, and transition statements.

Voice Capture and Framework Building

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Your optimized script is broken into short chunks we call "voice files" and recorded by voice talent with the tone and enthusiasm that best fits your call. No more monotone sounding calls!

After capturing all of the audio prompts, we assemble them into a keyboard framework, which serves to guide the agent through your script in a manner that ensures all key messages are hit while intuitively responding to individual customer needs.

Finally, we enable a set of "hot keys" that serve to make the call fluid and conversational by allowing the agent to control natural language interactions such as "uh-huh", "ok", "yes", "no", and many more.

Together, the voice files, framework, and hot keys create the sales
or customer service pitch of your ideal agent.

The Result

Calls that sound like they're made by a traditional center's top tier agents, on their best day, every single call! 

People-Powered decision making combined with computer voice technology will deliver calls that are:


100% attendance. You wont be billed if an agent is late or on lunch break. Our system logs and records only the time that agents are actually dialing with the Persona Pitch system, increasing efficiencies and providing full transparency.  

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telemarketing compliance

In a traditional call center, compliance is an after the fact measurement and correction. Persona Pitch uses script flow and content keys, safeguarding compliance on every single call. All calls can be recorded.

Persona Pitch frees agent mind share to focus on the single most important task: actively listening to customers. The sales dynamic dramatically changes when active listening becomes a natural bias; agents focus on what is being said and the best keypad response instead of thinking of what to physically say next.

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avatar technologies
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Traditional voice agents don't like to read rebuttals. Persona Pitch ensures your script is delivered as designed. The framework also guides an agent through a script, ensuring all key messages are communicated.

Making script changes in a traditional call center environment is a nightmare! With Persona Pitch, control changes to 100% of calls instantly.  Agents can flag tricky calls, allowing the script architecture to be tweaked, slowly perfecting  your custom avatar software. 

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Having operated for the past 8 years in Cebu City with 200+ agents, Exxpert Communications, inc specializes in avatar technologies. 

In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission announced that in the USA, "human assisted soundboard technology" would be subject to new laws and regulations. This completely changed the industry and put a stop too 80% of our campaigns (these laws currently do not apply to Canada, Australia, etc.). In the USA, avatar calling can now only be used for permission based leads (no cold calling) or charity and political action committee (PAC) campaigns or inbound campaigns (what a surprise that the politicians allowed this lucrative tech for themselves!).

This did not stop us from moving forward. We know the power of Persona Pitch and we simply had to change our strategy. During this time, we decided it was time to reinvest in the avatar software and develop a better platform for industries in which the FTC allows this technology to be used. We also wanted to target companies that are allowed to use avatar marketing campaigns for cold calling (mainly Australia and Canada) and also gather lead sources for opt-in leads for prospective clients from the USA.

After months of improving our avatar software and strategy, we branded our call center technology to Persona Pitch™ with our Filipino services center as TopDial, inc.